Coloring Pages

The Starter Book

A coloring stereogram is composed of pieces connected together like a jigsaw puzzle. The same looking pieces, the twins, are arranged horizontally in a repetitive manner. Color them using the same color or leave them white, row by row until the page is finished. 

• 3 unique coloring pages, from simple to advanced
• Viewing and coloring instructions included
• 90’s craze and nostalgia
• Learn to see the 3D illusion
• Surprisingly simple to color
• Stress relief activity
• Wow 3D effect
• Vision exercise
• Suitable for any age

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The Coloring Book

Unique coloring pages with Hidden 3D Stereoscopic Effect. The hidden pictures contain animals and different objects. Follow the included instructions to color them and then use your 3D vision to see the colored hidden pictures. 

• 15 new coloring pages + 3 reworked pages from the Starter Book
• Stress relief activity
• Vision and motor skill exercise
• Learn to see the 3D illusion
• The Starter Book with Coloring and Viewing Instructions
• Easy to Color 
• Wow 3D effect
• The Starter Book included
• PDF for Printing
• PNG for Digital Coloring 
• Thicker lines option for easier coloring

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