How to color Stereograms

Stereogram Coloring Instructions + FREE Coloring Page

A coloring stereogram is composed of pieces connected together like a jigsaw puzzle. The same looking pieces, the twins, are arranged horizontally in a repetitive manner.
Color them using the same color or leave them white. Be aware that the twins can change their shape and partially hide under their neighbors.

To Color a Hidden 3D Stereogram:
1. Identify the same looking pieces aligned horizontally.
2. Color them using the same color, or leave them white.
3. Continue to the next row until the image is done.


Identifying the twins
In simple images, these pieces look almost identical, they are easy to identify. In complex images, the twins change their shape. They stretch, morph, hide under their neighbors, and sometimes disappear. When not sure, use their neighbors as reference.

Start in the middle of the row. Pick a piece with the shape easy to recognize. Then identify all of its “twins” on the left and on the right.

If you missed one twin and didn’t color it, when you look at the stereogram using the 3D vision, it will stand out as shiny or even flickering.

1. Single-pass. Work from the top to the bottom and switch colors as you move from one row to another.
2. Multi-pass. Use one color at a time to fill selected rows from top to bottom. Then switch to a different color and fill other rows in between, top to bottom again. Do this for the rest of the colors.

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